Monday, July 4, 2011

Year Two, Last Letter

It is my last P-day. The internet deal is quite easy to explain. But

it is all good. This is the last time that i will be able to email you

while in Brazil and the last email as a missionary that i will send to

you all.

Scripture: 2 Timothy 4: 6 - 7, 16 - 18

Wow. I don´t know where to start. I want to tell you all that I love

you so much. There really isn´t any amount of words that i can use to

describe how much i love you all. I want to thank you all so much for

everything. The support and the love that you have shown during these

last two years was and is crucial to my success.

Thank you all for the happy birthday wishes. My birthday was entirely

too lame here. But I got that little package. It was good.

This last transfer has been so full of...everything you can imagine

concerning difficulties with a companion. But I will be able to

explain better in a few days. The good thing? Me and my comp are

solid. We are friends. Although you would never imagine it possible.

We have found some AMAZING people. People that I won´t ever forget. It

sucks that I will have to leave before seeing their progress. But I

know that this is how God needs it to happen.

Sounds like life at home is just as louca as ever. But what can ya do?

I am psyched.

I have no idea what is on the to-do list when i get home. Lots of

stuff. That is all i know.

I have my interview with President tomorrow and then we will be

getting the plane on wednesday.

I know that this is Jesus Christ´s true church. I know it. I know that

the Book of Mormon is true. Jesus Christ is our Savior. I love Him and

I know he sacrificed Himself for all of us. These two years have been

some of the best and worst, happiest and saddest years of my life. The

mission has been amazing. I loved it. I know that I have lots to do in

this work even after being released.

I am so psyched to see you all. It still hasn´t hit me that I am going

home. But i am sure that, before showing up in sky harbor, i will be

able to feel it a little more. I want you all to know that i love you

guys. thank you for EVERYTHING. Never give up on the gospel. Never

give up on Jesus Christ. He never quit on us, so we can´t quit on Him.

We MUST endure to the end. I will see you guys in a couple days.

Seja a diferença que você deseja ver no mundo. Amo vocês.

Elder Scott Ghormley

Missão Brasil Londrina

2009 - 2011

"Retornar com Honra"

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